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Brassai: The Monograph

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Brassai: The Monograph-- Bullfinch Books

An article in the Irish Times has prompted me to post some photographs that aren't mine. A review of The Secret Paris of the 30's forces me to recommend otherwise.

I've had that book for years, and though last I checked it was out of print in the US, it seems to be back in print in the UK. I haven't seen the new edition, but I can tell by the price that chances are, it doesn't compare to the Bullfinch effort, Brassaï: The Monograph. While it is pricey at $75, the reproduction quality is just awesome, putting the dull newsprint of Secret Paris to shame. It's too big to fit on my scanner, handsomely bound, and a real joy. Brassaï is just one of those photographers you must see!

My taste in photography leans towards the poetically persuasive, and while Brassaï isn't at the top of my list, he surely rates in the top ten. He flirts with the tawdry, but never without taste; each moment frozen by him deserves careful consideration.

Anyone familiar with my work, and Brassaï's, would understand why I feel an affinity for him. He was, for a time, a bar photographer too. Though only a portion of The Secret Paris of the 30's is shot in bars, I would be lying to say he wasn't an influence. His shots look candid though he used an unwieldy plate camera, flashbulbs, and flash powders.

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