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New Leonard Cohen Song

Weird how every time I make an observation, something comes up to conflict with it, expand it, or just make me scratch my head. Why did I listen to In My Secret Life the first thing after I woke up?

My main problem with Mercury Rev, which I didn't expand on adequately last night, is the voice. It's a personal thing; I'll forgive a lot if I like someone's voice. I like Leonard Cohen's voice. But his music has some pretty nasty associations for me. The last "rip my heart out while it's still beating" experience I had was with a woman who just idolized him. However, his world view is not mine. No matter how hard I tried to identify with his lyrics, I found myself saying no, this just isn't meant for me.

I smile when I'm angry
I cheat and I lie
I do what I have to do to get by.
But I know what is wrong and I know what is right
And I die for the truth in my secret life
In my secret life . . .

I bite my lip and I buy what I'm told
From the latest hit to the wisdom of old
But I'm always alone and my heart is like ice
And its it crowded and cold in my secret life
In my secret life . . .
No, this just isn't me at all. If I'm angry, people know it. I don't have a secret life. I don't buy much these days, especially not if I'm told. It's not crowded and cold inside my head; actually, the flames in my heart burn a little brighter each day. My head is fairly sparsely populated with only the best of friends invited inside. I can tell that the heartbreaker in question will love this song. She was a big one for secret lives. I don't believe in secrets. What you see is what I am; well, part of it anyway. Truth certainly has caused me to die many times; but it was in real life, not fantasy-land.

Mercury Rev

I tried really hard to listen to the new Mercury Rev album on neumu.

I made it through about 20 minutes, but I just couldn't stand the whining any longer. Badger's been talking about a lot of bands that I haven't heard of, and I'm always curious to try something new. But this just didn't do it for me. Bombastic orchestrations, cliché lyrics: my how little pop music changes when you look away. So these are the new indies? I suppose I was expecting something with a little more bite. I really do want to hear the new Wilco though, but I'm not ready to start scanning for mp3s. I suppose I'll just have to *gasp* buy it.

Head? Rock gets ridiculous

Marilyn Manson faces charges, not for being silly and past his sell-by date, but for rubbing his balls on the head of a security guard. Just another star in the dope show.

But please don't place me in the same category as John Strausbaugh. Unplug the Oldies- for good reeks of cashing in. Saying that once you pass a certain age, you can't rock is total bullshit. What a narrow idea of what rock is. Fuck that. Some artists do the best work of their careers as they age, tempered with greater sophistication and free of the sophmoric idea that rock is revolution. When journalists scream "get out of the way, geezers" it's just supporting the lie, easily swallowed by young people, that there is nothing important except YOU. Last I heard, Link Wray was still up there rocking with the best of them.

A review of Strausbaugh's book pleads: "Rock 'Til You Drop is rather more than a glorious rant directed at those who survived the sex and drugs to milk a new generation while still claiming to be hip and radical." If his story in the Guardian is any example— bullshit. There is rock & sham-rock made by people of every age group; to draw a dividing line based on age is a thinly disguised way of feeding the youth audience precisely what they want to hear.

Flea as Pee Boy


I really wish IFC was available here.

It's a bit silly to be on their mailing list, and get teasers of upcoming attractions when there is no way I can watch it. Though I wouldn't say that I was a huge RHCP fan, the shots of Flea in a bowler hat, or the film clip of him dressed as a French film snob caused a snicker or two today.But Flea discussing himself as a Pee Boy in a Chinese coolie hat was the highlight of the current issue. Yellow journalism, indeed.