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Fish Stories

I must confess that I’ve not been able to read Moby Dick in the decades since I first started trying. I make it part way, and then just sink to the bottom of the endless whaling descriptions. Jim Levernier, a member of my Master’s committee and incredibly generous professor of American Literature, swore that I […]

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The Last Resort

A common subject for the “Songs from the Valley Towns” photographs was bars, both active and abandoned. The bar exteriors were frequently poetic, and I fondly remember the Last Resort, on the outskirts of Arvin, California on Bear Mountain Boulevard. I’m not sure exactly where it was, but as I recall it was on the […]

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The Luxury Vehicle

Adolf Loos’s article “The Luxury Vehicle” from Neue Freie Presse, July 3, 1898 begins with an excursus on the joys of driving: “Of course, just driving itself is enough to delight the English. In their hearts and souls, they still have the poetry of the country road” (Spoken into the Void, p. 39). Of course, he’s […]

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The gaping mouth of history

I was researching the Turin Exhibition of 1902 this morning, and ran across this image. I don’t think it’s from the Prima Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte Decorativa Moderna. I can’t figure out where it’s from, but a blog post (in French) has some plausible theories. It’s apparently the central square in Turin, where some years later about two hundred […]

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Looking out the window this morning, I was struck by how the animal tracks had grown. The rows of circles melted in the snow are not features of the terrain, or the work of humans. They are marks of habit—the deer and squirrels that live in my backyard usually take the same route as they […]

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Not loaded

I can’t seem to stop looking at Carl Larsson’s bedroom arrangement. The sitting bench on the corner of the bed must be attached to the bed itself, and there is a small cabinet doubles as a step. The door into the waiting room must have been removed at a later date, because photographs of the […]

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Someone favorited one of my pictures on flickr this morning. It was a nondescript photo of a package of rohu fish taken at Dragonstar market in St. Paul in 2009. I have no idea why the photo was of interest to them, but I paged through a bit to remember that I photographed a wide variety of fish […]

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A Moment

Somehow,the sight of Thalia curled up on an article on full extension drawer slides by Christian Becksvoort from Fine Woodworking, and the tableau of the William Morris book and a Bollingen volume of Aristotle tickles me. Even better is that the small book (mostly invisible) sticking out of the top is Surfaces by Avrum Stroll, the […]

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Social Studies

I’ve rehearsed these stories many times to friends, but I searched and found that I never really wrote them down.  I vividly remember them from high school, around 1974 or 75, I got tossed out of social studies class several times. There were several contentious moments. We were visited by a policeman during one class, […]

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Missing goals

I’m continually missing goals, shifting the target, and then trying again. This winter is getting a bit better, but not by much. I wanted to be able to post a newly completed project here at least once a month, but one thing or another always frustrates me. Right now I’m working on a big tool […]

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