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1895c Father's Room (from 'a Home' series) watercolour National Museun, Stockhom

1895c Father’s Room (from ‘a Home’ series) watercolour National Museun, Stockhom

I can’t seem to stop looking at Carl Larsson’s bedroom arrangement. The sitting bench on the corner of the bed must be attached to the bed itself, and there is a small cabinet doubles as a step. The door into the waiting room must have been removed at a later date, because photographs of the room show a small cabinet next to the door and a sliding curtain in its place. Another interesting detail—the pistol hanging on the wall. The inscription above it reads “not loaded.” Click to enlarge, it’s worth it.

Scan 1

Another interesting feature of his bedroom is the little window behind a small door, so that he can peek into his workshop:


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